"This is the jewelry trend you are going to be obsessed with." - AOL Lifestyle

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Stuck on what to gift the mom in your life? We're here to help guide you in the right direction and can be the one-stop-shop for all your mom gifts.

"She loved her locket so much, she burst into tears when we gave it to her"

What is it about a locket, anyway?


It's a modern locket. Same meaning, modern look. Each locket is instilled with a virtue and paired with a symbol. This symbol is etched in French enamel and hung on a selection of 14k gold filled chains. When opened, the locket contains a special message - the word you selected as your virtue engraved - as well as reveals the picture you personally picked and we printed.

There is an authentic diamond on the back of each locket that will rest gently on your loved one's heart. The placement of the diamond is intentional; it allows the heart chakra to be protected at all times.