First Time Orders Save 10%! Use Code: NEWMEMORIES10
First Time Orders Save 10%! Use Code: NEWMEMORIES10

lockets with meaning

Self expression and discovery, a way to share your thoughts and memories with the world in a modern locket. Or whisper and keep it close to your heart.

our lockets

It's a modern locket. Same meaning, modern look. Each locket is instilled with a virtue and paired with a symbol. This symbol is etched in French enamel and hung on 14k gold chains. When opened, the locket contains a special message as well as reveals the picture you personally picked and we printed. If you ever want to swap out the images, you can do but by using our easy-peasy resizing tool.

There is an authentic diamond on the back of each locket that will rest gently on your loved one's heart. The placement of the diamond is intentional; it allow story heart chakra to be protected at all times.

"...a token of fills the void for modern lockets"

A passion project that creates meaningful, beautiful lockets.