5 Ways To Customize Your Locket 

When it comes to jewelry, one thing on trend right now is making your jewelry as unique and personal to you as possible. So, just how do you create a personalized piece of jewelry that speaks to you when you buy your jewelry online?

At A Token Of, we design beautiful modern lockets, which not only stand on their own, but that can be transformed into something that is special, unique and one-of-a-kind.

We’re all about customizing your locket. We want your piece to be as special and as unique as you are. Once you’ve selected your symbol, virtue or charity, the next step is to add personalization. We’ve put together 5 of the best ways to customize your locket:

Add Unique Photos

There is a reason why personalized photo locket necklaces are so special. They are created for you to carry around someone who is incredibly important to you and keep them close to your heart. This could be a husband, family member, child or beloved pet. 

Add Something Other Than A Photo

Who said that your locket is just for photos? Not us. Lockets have enough space to hold other things, too. We have even heard of some of our customers putting locks of hair or sand inside. The possibilities are endless and give you the chance to make something that is definitely not the same as anyone else’s locket.

Add Charms

Customizing your locket isn’t just for the inside of your locket. One of the great things about having a modern locket necklace is that you can add charms  to the chain. This ups your fashion game as well as makes a statement about you.

Layer Your Locket With Other Jewelry

Sometimes the best way to customize and make your locket even more unique doesn’t involve adding anything to your locket at all.. You can layer it up with your other jewelry to make a statement. The great thing about doing this is that you can change things up without having to buy anything new.

Don’t Just Wear a Necklace

When you think about a locket you often think about a necklace, but who says that it has to be this way? We not only offer modern locket necklaces, but we also have designed a gorgeous locket ring  and locket bracelets, too. Hello unique.

So, if you want to create a memorable, personal and unique fashion statement, then a locket maybe just what you’ve been looking for.