all the major life moments. The endless wisdom and unconditional love they provide on a daily basis can easily be overlooked, as they’re often misunderstood for their corny jokes and overly protective nature. This Father’s Day, we hope to commemorate all of the ways that our father figures are there for us, both big and small. But every year, we have to ask ourselves the same question: What in the heck am I supposed to get him? Trust us, we know what you mean. Fathers, step-fathers, uncles, and grandfathers, among the many fatherly figures, are some of the hardest people to shop for and no gift ever seems to do the job of expressing our gratitude to them.  Sure, a card and a hug could probably suffice, but this Father’s Day, we hope to raise the bar just a little higher than years past. That is why we created the mens Gratitude Locket. Crafted with traditional sterling silver, French enamel, and an authentic black diamond in the center, this locket is the perfect balance between masculinity and style that would elevate any fathers’ look. Give the gift of gratitude this Father’s Day and show whoever you consider a father figure just how much he means to you. For every purchase of the Gratitude Locket, we donate 10% of the proceeds to Operation Gratitude. 

5 Simple Reasons Why A Locket Makes the Best Father’s Day Gift

  1. Men tend to shy away from jewelry, but the Gratitude Locket is a timeless and masculine one of a kind piece that exemplifies both sophistication and your gratitude to him. 

  2. It can be personalized with a photo so that your Dad can keep his nearest and dearest close to his heart… literally. 

  3. Cologne, power appliances, and whiskey are all thoughtful options but he’s probably thinking “Been there, done that.”. Switch it up! 

  4. For every purchase of the men’s Gratitude Locket, 10% of the proceeds are donated to Operation Gratitude, which helps foster strong relationships with Americans and first responders.  

  5. And lastly, father’s rarely take the time to treat themselves to nice things and are always thinking of us. Now it’s his turn to feel the love with a handmade locket!