So Every Student Has A Place At The Lunch Table

We don’t just drape the phrase kindness around our neck. Yes— kindness may be a pretty statement, but it’s also what we function for. It’s what we serve forth to our community; we’re here to manifest our mission statement. That is why A Token Of partners with the philanthropy that embodies every aspect of kindness: No Bully.

We’re here to declare that every child deserves a bully-free education
Let’s face the facts:
✧ Bullying is the #1 act of violence against adolescents in America today
✧ 10 million students are bullied each year in the U.S.
✧ Each year approximately one-third of adolescents worldwide are the target of bullying
✧ Bullying and harassment often cause lasting physical and mental harm

With bullying now taking place on both the playground & behind the screen, implementing No Bully programs into education and youth culture is vital. No Bully guides schools, after-schools and summer camps with learning materials and resources to prevent and respond to bullying and cyberbullying. When a school invests in a culture that supports positive behaviors, it is indicated that all youth exhibit compassion and inclusiveness to peers. That is why the No Bully System has proven to remedy 90% of all bullying cases in schools that applied the curriculum.

We’re Here For You
So every school has an empathy-based action plan; so every staff member is trained to interrupt student aggression; so every parent knows their child is safe when dropping them off; so every student has a place at the lunch table. This means you are having a direct and tangible decrease of bullying in schools across America with each purchase from our Kindness Collection.

We’re here to not only to place the concept of kindness into the minds of the youth, but to embody it ourselves. With our Kindness Locket comes the gentle reminder to lead by example and be graceful with our own actions and soothing with our own worlds. When wearing A Token Of, we hope the concept of kindness is more than a locket around your neck, but a prompt you will take forward and offer to your community.

Do you know schools that need help eradicating bullying?
No Bully offers programs for education systems across America.
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We are sure one of our necklaces and bracelets will speak to you.