Yes, it is generally okay to mix silver and gold, as they are both precious metals and can complement each other well. Mixing silver and gold can create a unique and stylish look, whether in jewelry or home decor.

In the past, it was more common to separate silver and gold, as they were often associated with different styles and occasions. However, in modern times, mixing silver and gold has become more popular and accepted.

When mixing silver and gold, there are a few things to consider to ensure a cohesive look. One approach is to mix different textures and finishes of the metals, such as pairing matte silver with shiny gold. Another option is to use a third element, such as a gemstone or a colored metal, to tie the silver and gold together.

Ultimately, the decision to mix silver and gold comes down to personal preference and the specific context in which they are being used. Whether you choose to mix the two or keep them separate, both silver and gold are beautiful and valuable metals that can add a touch of luxury to any look.