Guys, believe it or not, we get it. Valentine’s Day is stressful. And if you’re anything like the men in our lives, then Valentine’s Day is most likely a hectic and last-minute decision between the cheesy love poem card or the generic “I Love You” combined with the picked-over grocery store flowers.

But let’s face it, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be like last year… or the year before. This year, stop focusing on the stress of the 14th and start celebrating what it’s actually about: LOVE.

So how can you show the special someone in your life your love besides just telling them? Boys, a Hallmark card isn’t going to cut it. And the only thing that’s going to remain from that box of chocolates is the crumbled rappers inside. Give her something she will remember; something unique and something valuable.

Express your love to your Valentine in the form of a locket— a meaningful token that will rest on her heart so she remember you. Gentlemen, let the stress of Valentine’s Day roll away and let A Token Of take it from here.

We’re not your grandma’s locket. We’re a sterling silver, 14K-gold filled, virtue-based, French-enamel locket with a modern twist. There is an authentic diamond on the back of each locket that will rest gently on your loved one’s heart. Allowing her heart chakra to be open and protected with your love at all times.

When your Valentine opens the locket, there will be even more of a special surprise. Add your favorite pic of you two by simply uploading your images and using the resize tool [don’t worry, we can do this for you]!

So this Valentine’s Day exhale stress and embrace love. Her expectations will be exceeded with a unique, out-of-the-box and heart-felt gift. No last minute shopping, no hassle. Just A Token of Love, from your heart to hers.

You still have a couple of weeks to prepare for Valentine’s Day. The good news is we offer many shipping options and we can print your images for you and put them in your locket!

 Can’t quite decide which virtue speaks to your lovely lady? You can never go wrong with the kindness locket. The dainty heart symbol etched on the subtle pink enamel is perfectly fitting for your Valentine. Not to mention, this locket gives 10% of proceeds to The Kindness Locket Collection: give it a look here.

Blog written by Emily Moore.