Lockets are kinda like a relationship. You’re in a commitment with them the second you dangle them around your neck. Heck, your draping a picture of you and your boyfriend over your heart. You don’t need to scurry through your iPhone pictures to find your favorite photo of you two. Just whip open your locket and BAM “isn’t he the cutest?!”

A locket is more than a necklace— it’s a statement. It’s a reminder of someone you keep extra close to your heart. Lockets aren’t kinda like a relationship. They’re definitely like a relationship. And with that, comes the ebb and flow of relationship status. We’re not over here judging if you swap your boyfriend out of your locket with a picture of the real BEA (Inn-N-Out… *genius idea, we know*).

But the fact of the matter is A Token Of Lockets aren’t like your grandma’s locket. There is no fussing through old scrapbooks and accidentally snipping off someone’s ear to get the perfect size pic in your precious pendant. Which is why swapping out pictures has never been easier. Yes, our easy-peasy locket photo editor is here to resize any photo to flawlessly fit in our lockets. Just simply upload your images and use the resize tool from any device. Download the image, print from your home printer, cut and voila! Our photo editor is always accessible, so you can swap out your pics anytime!

After all, spring is here. While your dusting away winter hues in your closet, give your locket a spring clean refresh! Swapping your pictures out seasonally is a way to re-fall in love with your token over and over again. 

Lockets aren’t just for women in relationships. You bet your pup, best friends, favorite destinations, and yummy foods are all equally deserving for a place on your heart. And if you can’t seem to find a picture you want in your locket, it looks just as on fleek empty. (But when the time comes, our photo editor is always available).


So, if you need your cherished photo to fit in your new favorite locket, a serious picture refresh or simply looking to add a twist to your chunky chain collection obsession A Token Of has got it on lock. Literally.


Show us what pic you currently have snug inside your locket.

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