locket charms

Modern locket from A Token Of are sentimental pieces that hold a memory, tell your story, convey your journey, and connect you with your strongest and most cherished memory. Our personalized photo locket necklaces celebrate love. You can choose to share your most loved memory with the world or honor your memory in private - it's your prerogative.

If you are looking for a sentimental, well-made, timeless piece of jewelry, you cannot go wrong with a modern locket. The contemporary design makes it effortless to dress it with any casual or formal wear.  

Our lockets can be personalized to hold unforgettable memories that tell a story or share a meaningful aspect about yourself. With our personalized service, we can help you place your preferred photo in the locket for you, so you do not have to worry about cutting and sizing - your piece will be ready for gifting and wearing.

Every successful sale guarantees proceed to an array of charities, so you are able to give back to the community while gifting yourself with something truly special.