First Time Orders Save 10%! Use Code: NEWMEMORIES10
First Time Orders Save 10%! Use Code: NEWMEMORIES10

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A Token Of is a locket that is designed to be worn with intention. Each locket represents a different virtue and charity. There are a plethora of pickings— whether these lockets symbolize a trait you embody or act as a subtle (but constant) reminder, we are sure one of our lockets will speak to you:

You are strong-willed; both physically and emotionally.  You are influential with convincing potential. You are Power.

You are there when they need you. You offer a shoulder to cry on and open ears. You feel their pain, their fear and their sadness. You symbolize Empathy.

You are a bundle of light. A spark in the dark.  A warm ray of sunshine on a dismal day. You manifest Joy.

You are honest and virtuous— an old soul, if you will. Your friends can depend on you for your authentic self. You embody Integrity.

You are a shielding force of comfort, like a thick  blanket cushioning you from the outside world. You personify Protection.

You look forward to rainbows after a storm. You know tomorrow’s sunrise will come. You find an inkling of light even on the darkest days. You demonstrate Faith.

You are in tune with your surroundings; your emotional mind and physical body are in-sync. You exemplify Harmony.

You are graceful with your actions and soothing with your words. Gentle and loving. You epitomize Kindness.

Each virtue noted above is paired with a symbol. This symbol is etched in French enamel and hung on a timeless 14k gold chain. When opened, the locket reveals a special picture you personally picked and we printed.

On the back of the locket sits one authentic diamond. This diamond will rest on your heart— activating your heart chakra. We believe this token will send forth your special message to your mind, body and soul. The token of power, empathy, joy, integrity, protection, faith, harmony and/or kindness is always with you but simultaneously displayed and shared with the world.

With each locket purchased, we donate 10% of the profits to a registered charity. Each locket is paired with a different charity— so you have the opportunity to give back to different philanthropies as your A Token Of collection grows.

It's also important to us that our jewelry be obtainable so that everyone can keep their most treasured memories close and experience A Token Of jewelry.  We have eliminated the middle man, therefore, you won't find us in any retail stores or other online sites. Luxe, bespoke jewelry made locally here in Los Angles at an affordable price. Just the way we like it.

A cherished memory. A constant reminder. A timeless treasure. A Token Of…