Joy Cult Locket Necklace


  • 20 inch link chain with lobster clasp
  • blush or white french enamel 
  • 2 sided locket with the word JOY engraved on the inside
  • authentic 2mm diamond on back
  • 14 karat gold filled I traditional sterling silver
  • 10% of proceeds go to The Trevor Project

When opened, this locket reveals a special picture you personally picked and we printed. On the back of the locket sits one authentic diamond. This diamond will rest on your heart— activating your heart chakra. We believe this token will send forth your special message to your mind, body and soul. The token of joy is always with you but simultaneously displayed and shared with the world.

Would you like us to put your picture in your locket? Make sure you choose that option when you add to cart--it's free!

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